Vietnam Currency

The local currency is the dong (abbreviated "d" or VND). Bank notes are 200d, 500d, 1000d, 2000d, 5000d, 10.000d, 20.000d, 50.000d and 100.000d
The current exchange rate is around VND15.590 to the US dollar. US dollars remain widely accepted at hotels, but you should have local currency tor use in taxis and shops. For exchanging into VND, go to big banks like ANZ Bank in 11 Me Linh Square., D.1, HCM City (Tel: 08.829 9319) or ANZ Bank, 14 Ly Thai To St., Hanoi (Tel:04. 825 8190). Some traveler cafes, jewelry shops provide exchange money service at higher rates, their advantage being that they stay open late and on weekends. ANZ and Vietcombank have ATM machines that dispense only dong. Do not accept torn or soiled bills as you may have trouble spending them.